New decisions from the Communicable Diseases Supreme Committee 
Date Added: 11 October 2021, 13:55

The Ministry of Health announced the new decisions taken by the Communicable Diseases Supreme Committee convened under the Communicable Diseases Law.

Accordingly, it was deemed appropriate to remove the working hours restrictions previously imposed by the Communicable Diseases Supreme Committee in line with the order regarding the repeal of the “Partial Curfew Order”.

People who will enter our country via air and sea routes and from outside the island using the land border crossings, will before travelling obtain a printout of the TRNC Passenger Entry Form by completing the TRNC passenger Entry Form at the web address ‘’. After people complete the TRNC Passenger Entry Form, they will be able to pass quickly through police immigration (passport control) if they receive the printout of the form.

According to the statement, passengers coming from the EU, the United Kingdom, and Turkey are required to upload the QR codes of their documents in the “PCR TEST” and “Vaccination Certificate” section on the TRNC Passenger Entry Form and as the documents will be checked upon entry to the country, people should carry them with them.

The QR codes of the documents required in the TRNC Passenger Entry Form must be recorded with the cameras of the tablet/personal mobile phones.

The Ministry of Health stated that this application will be mandatory for those aged 18 and over.