President Tatar’s message on the occasion of “21-25 December National Struggle and Martyrs Week”
Date Added: 21 December 2022, 12:38

TRNC President Ersin Tatar said “the State and sovereignty cannot be given up”.

President Tatar issued a message on the occasion of “21-25 December National Struggle and Martyrs Week”.

In the message, Tatar pointed out that it is the 59th year of the Greek Cypriots’ bloody attacks, which were launched on 21st December, 1963 in order to destroy the Turkish Cypriot people with the aim of making Cyprus a Hellenistic Island and emphasized that it is impossible to forget these attacks, which are known as ‘Bloody Christmas’ in history.

“As a result of these attacks started in line with the Akritas Plan, which is known as ‘the plan to annihilate the Turkish Cypriot people’, the residents of 103 villages were forced to immigrate, Turkish Cypriot people underwent a massacre and a genocide and the “Republic of Cyprus”, of which Turkish Cypriots are one of the equal founding partners, was transformed into a Greek Cypriot state by force of arms” President Tatar noted.

Tatar added that Turkish Cypriots lived under siege in ghettos that accounted for three percent of the island until the morning of July 20, 1974, and it is impossible to forget those days.