Spokesperson of TRNC President: “Statements of Greek Cypriot side aim to drive a wedge between Turkish Cypriots and Turkey”
Date Added: 30 December 2014, 11:50

TRNC President’s Spokesperson Osman Ertuğ emphasized that the statements of Greek Cypriot spokesperson and Archbishop aim to drive a wedge between Turkish Cypriots and Turkey.
In the written statement made by Ertuğ, it was stated that Greek Cypriot spokesperson said: “Turkey looks after the her own interests not the interests of Turkish Cypriots” and added that the statements of Archbishop Chrisostomos as “As long as Turkey mentions the realities, a solution cannot be achieved” are very interesting since they show that the Greek Cypriot side is in a world of fallacy and illusions.
Ertuğ pointed out that considering the statements in question; it is possible to understand why the Cyprus problem could not be solved for 50 years and why the negotiations continuing for 46 years could not end with a solution. Ertuğ said “In a period that Greek Cypriot side continues its monopolist and hegemonic approach on the hydrocarbon issue like the other issues, the Greek Cypriot spokesperson exhibits his insincerity by assailing Turkey who gives a helping hand to us and is in cooperation with us for defending our rights and legal interests. On the other hand, the statement made by a religious leader whose duty is to encourage and support peace and friendship between the two peoples in Cyprus that reconciliation can not be made on the base of realities is an incomprehensible attitude”.