Statement by TRNC Foreign Ministry regarding the statement of the Greek Cypriot Archbishop Chrysostomos II
Date Added: 27 September 2021, 14:25

The racist and arrogant statement of the Archbishop of the Greek Cypriot Orthodox Church Chrysostomos II in the Kathimerini newspaper regarding the Turkish Cypriots, is not surprising. The Archbishop’s bigoted statements demonstrate that the Greek Cypriot mentality, which has no tolerance for the Turkish presence on the Island, has not and never will change in any way. His statements also clearly portray that the Greek Cypriot elites continue to see the Turkish Cypriot people as a “minority”.

Archbishop’s view that “Turkish Cypriots cannot have the same rights as the Greek Cypriot majority” explain the reasons behind the inability to reach a mutually acceptable agreement on the Island since the collapse of the 1960 Partnership Republic. In addition, the Archbishop’s attempt to brainwash the Greek Cypriot people and instill racism also explains the extent of the prejudice and hostility towards the Turkish Cypriot people.

The Greek Cypriot Archbishop who deems “minority rights” as appropriate for the Turkish Cypriot people, as a cleric, does not refrain from giving misleading information about the population of our country for the sake of his own political purpose and separating people as “good and bad”.

It is seen from the statement of Chrysostomos, who sees the Island of Cyprus as a part of Hellenism that he lives disconnected from the current realities on the Island. He still has not yet realized that, with the new vision put forward by the TRNC, an irreversible path regarding Cyprus has been entered.

It is a fact that there are two Sates on the Island, a Greek and a Turkish State. The TRNC has determined its new vision by taking this fact and the changing conditions into account. Our new vision, which was decided in the light of these facts, has been shared with the Guarantor country Turkey, and has received full support as usual. The unwavering support of the Motherland gives confidence to the Turkish Cypriot People.

The main requirement for reaching an acceptable agreement on the Cyprus issue is the acceptance of the facts. We once again reiterate that the best and the realistic way forward is for the two Peoples to live in their separate States within the framework of good neighbourly relations.