Message of President Ersin Tatar on the 58th Anniversary of the Erenköy Resistance
Date Added: 08 August 2022, 11:42

“We celebrate with great pride the 58th anniversary of the Erenköy Resistance, which is a landmark event in our history which we call the ‘Çanakkale Legend’ of the Turkish Cypriot people and we commemorate those who sacrificed their lives and our veterans with respect and gratitude.

Hundreds of Turkish Cypriot youth abandoned their educational studies at home and abroad and took up arms in order to defend the village and homeland in resistance of the fascist Greek-Greek Cypriot attacks that was initiated to exterminate our people, with the objective of annexing Cyprus to Greece (ENOSIS). Great many sacrifices were made for Turkish Cypriots to be able to live in freedom and in dignity.  Many Turkish Cypriots, who heroically fought, were martyred whilst defending the strategically very important coastal village of Erenköy in 1964, which ended with a great victory”.